We pride ourselves in our product, engineering and data science capabilities. Our product, data science and engineering experts make up more than half of the company. They come from organizations that lead the world in technology, such as Google, Amazon, and MIT. We are committed to making valuable contributions to the open source community and to giving back to our technical communities by talking at events and publishing our research.

Open Source Software

Database Tools

Redshift JDBC for R

Amazon Redshift JDBC driver for R

Athena JDBC for R

Amazon Athena JDBC driver for R

Snowflake JDBC for R

Snowflake JDBC driver for R

Secure DB for R

Convenient & secure database connector from R

Job Tools

Jenkins to AWS Batch

Jenkins plugin to submit tasks to AWS Batch

Jobs for Redis

Job input/output control with Redis


FilterNet: Neural Nework for Time Series

PyTorch implementation of a neural network for time series modeling


gRPC for R

gRPC client and server implementation in R

Slack Scrum Bot

Python script to generate scrum standup report for Slack

Shell for R

Shell runner for R scripts, like Python Fire

Jupyter Notebook to Email

nb2mail: Sending Jupyter notebooks as email Client for R distributed server mesh client for R

Reticulate on Boto

Reticulate wrapper around boto3: an AWS client for R

Logging for R

A modern and flexible logging utility for R


Measuring the relative performance of cloud resources