Our Primary Businesses

Publishing & Lead Gen

Our websites generate a combined 120M monthly visitors and 400M+ monthly clicks. We are one of the largest publishers of social quizzes and trivia in the world. We also work with the world’s largest digital media publishers to drive additional audiences to their properties. Lead gen is a growing business for us with opportunities for us to drive new users for our financial services, D2C, product, and e-commerce partners.


We drive additional search traffic for the three largest search players - Google, Bing & Yahoo. We also power search for our sizeable network of partners.

Applications & Services

We leverage our user acquisition capabilities with consumer applications & services. We offer a full suite of privacy and security products including private search, privacy browsers, and software offering antivirus, adblocking and VPN services.

Search Partnerships

  • Better Monetization, More Revenue

    System1 uses its unique partnerships with Google, Bing and Yahoo to provide a comprehensive and partner-branded search experience enabling the highest search ad monetization.

  • Superior Partner Support

    We pride ourselves on providing the best service and partner support in the industry. From integration to optimization to strategic consulting, your dedicated and responsive team is available to provide guidance every step of the way.

  • Custom Solutions. Global Coverage

    Designed to meet your unique business needs, our diverse search solutions have you covered whether you’re looking for a desktop web, toolbar, mobile launcher, Chrome extension, mobile web or mobile app search experience.

    Private Label Search: We private-label our search solution with your brand and navigation to match your unique look and feel, so the value customers receive comes from you.

    Hosted Search Solution: More revenue, less cost. Let us host your search result pages and earn a revenue share on every paid click, with no development or hosting costs.

    Comprehensive Search Toolkit: Utilize our array of helpful tools, including website match, predictive text, spell suggest, specialty vertical search, related searches, direct and programmed answers and more.